Phillip Thow – Influence of Ad Buying Fraud

Phillip Thow, Scottsdale Arizona

Posted On: 11th May 2016

Any marketing firm that’s paying attention has concerns about advertising fraud. There are precautions that companies will take, but also an inherent risk associated with any monetary endeavor within the digital space.

“Internet fraud can be pretty pervasive,” says Phillip Thow, the owner of a digital technology firm in Phoenix, Arizona. When asked about certain investment tactics, he says there’s been a recent rise in programmatic advertising, which some associate with higher fraud risks.

Phillip Thow cites a lack of transparency as a reason why some are apprehensive to market programmatically. When companies in Phoenix, Arizona outsource their automation to third-party agencies, there can be a severe dearth of information. This creates discrepancies with ad space pricing and mismanaged campaigns as a result of miscommunication.

Most of these agencies are on the up and up, though Phillip Thow still recommends that businesses in Phoenix, Arizona always request detailed reports for processes and resources. Fraud is much more likely when marketers aren’t holding agencies accountable.

“Doing everything in-house is always a safe alternative,” Phillip Thow explains, pointing out that programmatic advertising isn’t necessary for all businesses. While automation can be helpful for a company in Phoenix, Arizona, it certainly doesn’t merit undue risk.

According to Phillip Thow, unspecific marketing campaigns leave more chances for ad fraud in Phoenix, Arizona. With content marketing and live advertising, there’s more oversight and attention paid to detail, minimizing the opportunities for foul play. Generic promotions, especially those spread across multiple platforms, seem to be easier targets.

Because the digital marketplace is as vast as it is, policing it will forever be an uphill battle. It’s important for any business to be mindful of how their advertising funds are being allocated and cautious of outside agencies.

Written By: Phillip Thow
Scottsdale Arizona