Phillip Thow – Possible Effects of Increased Digital Assistant Use

Phillip Thow, Scottsdale Arizona

Posted On: 11th May 2016

While digital assistants were more or less science fiction only a few short years ago, they are becoming mainstream and have entered the foray of digital marketing. The effect this software will have on Internet usage is far from known, but many are starting to wonder.

“Just another sign that the digital world is always in flux,” says Phillip Thow, the owner of a digital technology company with offices in Phoenix, Arizona. Artificial intelligence has seemingly always been on the horizon, but in a somewhat mystical capacity. Now people are trying to understand the actual implications.

Phillip Thow says the impact in Phoenix, Arizona can already be seen on a basic level with how people conduct searches. For those who utilize these voice-activated services, navigation can change in various idiosyncratic ways.

Since these digital assistants are meant, first and foremost, to facilitate online queries, Phillip Thow points out that companies like his in Phoenix, Arizona have to understand that there will inevitably be an effect on search ads and general marketing.

“There needs to be an understanding of not just the software’s capabilities, but also what features users prefer,” explains Phillip Thow. This speaks to a greater issue of which sects of users in Phoenix, Arizona are actually making steady use of digital assistants, versus the people who feel these programs are more of a gimmick.

As happens with each new digital advancement, there are people who think A.I. software is the future and those who believe it is the here and now. Phillip Thow says Phoenix, Arizona companies should keep an eye on all technology as it becomes available, but should also be wary of jumping to conclusions.

Written By: Phillip Thow
Scottsdale Arizona